I’ve been meaning to pull together some thoughts on Rocket League its multiplayer gaming genius for some time and how it has renewed my faith in online gaming.

Let me rewind a few months to describe how my faith needed renewing. It was one game : Destiny!  It was my go to game for some online paly. I was part of a small group, we created a 7 man clan and were all day investors (beta testers!) for Bungie . We all bought the 2 DLC packs.  At first it was great. A new experience for console owners. But slowly the cracks began to show.

We would grind our why through the various strikes, nightfalls and raids on destiny in search of the ever elusive RNG loot on a regular basis. Every Tuesday was reset day - we would begin the grind again.

With DLC pack we looked and hoped that it would delivery what we needed. But unfortunately for me it just became more apparent that grinding for loot was the sole purpose. Now don’t get me wrong I still enjoy and play destiny but its just missing that something special which rocket league has in abundance – Fun.

Rocket League is a simple game – conceptually. Its cars with rockets on a football ( soccer for the Americans)  pitch, up to 4V4.  But oh the joy the game brings. I can’t count the countless exhilaration the game has brought with last minute goals or saves. Numerous occasions partners have been woken from sleep with the screaming. I hadn’t experience this in a long time with destiny, perhaps back to the first time we completed Vault of Glass raid.  We’re currently attempting to master the aerial technique, one of the more advanced moves in the game. While difficult the progression is rewarding. Items are awarded at the end of every game and most importantly there is no Gally to hunt on a random loot drop!

The game time of 5 minutes is perfect. the overtime golden goal mechanic is great. It adds immense tension and goal line scrambling. Only last week, I was involved in what turned out to be an epic 4 minute overtime session in a3v3 ranked game . Several noise complaints from all 3 players partners were registered. It was worth it, we won.

For me, Rocket league brought me back to my initial foray into online gaming the fun and enjoyment that Halo2 invoked.  Rocket League simply put its pure enjoyment of online play. For me this is something that had been missing for some time.


I’m now pretty much a daily regular on RL, even if only for a few games. I look for to where Psyonix’s roadmap brings this game. I believe it has widely surpassed their expectations and hopefully the success allows them to develop this game further. It’s beginning to creep in the eSports zone so I think the future is bright for this game.