Metroidvania returns with Axiom Verge

For my first piece, I’m going to put some thoughts together on the most recent metriodvania game, Axiom Verge, on the PS4. Spoiler alert its awesome.

This is a game that I first heard about months ago during a Kindafunny podcast ( if you are unfamilar with these guys check them out and its something that really perked my interest.

Being in the elder years! I’ve been a long timefan of the tradional Metroid games and love the series on pretty much ever platform.Axiom Verge takes its inspiration from metroid for sure, but it does so with flattery only in mind.

The game begins with a great theme tune - electronic inspired. The music fills the room and on screen is a beautiful 8 bit graphic style against a black background. You’re a scientist working on a experiment which goes trerrible wrong. A massive explosion occurs. Death look like the lkely outcome. The screen fades to black on you appear on a platform. Its from here that your adventure begin.

As with most games in this genre you start of relatively under powered but just so the initial area is a challenge and not a chore. Soon simple enemy types begin to introduce themselves along with a mysterious voice who is trying to guide you. Before longyou are on the receiving ends of weapon upgrade and knee-deep in bosses. The difficulty curve is excellent and the first few boss fights are dealt with relatively easily. 

New sections of the world begin to open up for exploration and new weapons appear a regular intervals. Its here that the metroidvania aspectreally develops as you try to remember the sections once off limits to you that now will be accessible  due to your upgrades.

The game times can seem massive and not always clear where you have to go. But this is an exporation game at its heart and its this that drives you to re examine existing areas. I’ve heard comments that the game sometimes leaves you with no much to go on and that’s true but I can’t help but feel that its not just the games fault and perhaps its just how we’ve been conditioned over the years to expect the helpful hint or prompt. Think True Detective complexity versus CSI.

But an implementation of a more efficient travel system to allow quick jumps to the multiple worlds would have improved the situation. The developer has a system in place but its just not a snappy as I’d like it to be.

This is a minor quim with what is a great game. Its an even more impressive feat when you discover that one person made this game. 

This is a great game for all and even more so if your  fan of the genre. Simply Nerd thumbs up.