PS4 3.50 Firmware

Playstation release 2 days ago their latest firmware version , 3.50. This brings some new features to the PS4 which i'm excited about. Mainly the Pc/Mac remote play feature and the ability to edit you online status.

While Xbox one has had remote play to Windows 8 and above PCs , Sony have gone one step further and introduced the feature for both PC and Mac.This is great as i'm in a mac household. I've tested the feature with my 6 year old 13" Macbook pro and it works surprisingly well- all over wifi too. The only time i had any issues was with 720p 60fps streaming quality and i'm unsure if this is my wifi network or the Macbook. 

To use the feature you simply update the PS4, install a small programme on your Mac or PC, from Sony's website. Then you connect your Dualshock 4 directly via cable to your computer and you can boot up the remote play application. It takes a few seconds to find your PS4 on the home network and then its ready to go. The whole process was very simply and the latency so far me has been barely noticeable. Its a very nice feature to introduce and will definitely come in handy when you don't have access the TV. You can also change the quality of the stream session from 360p, 540p and 720p along with the frame rate 30FPS and 60FPS.

Secondly being able to change your online status is just a nice feature to have. some times i just want to play some single player games and not get disturbed by requests for other games or party chats. Its simply but nice. And i'll also gove one more feature a shout out as its in the same overall area. Now you can select which friends will prompt you when they come online. this is something Microsoft have had since xbox360 and its a feature i like. 

Its a nice feature update from Sony though i still crave a much larger redesign of the PS4 interface. I feel Microsoft, while not loved by all, do a good job of updating the UI and trying new things to keep it looking fresh. Sony could borrow some design choices from MS and really change the look and feel of the PS4 homescreen. I live in hope for PS4 4.0 firmware!